The Chromium Crusher brand is committed in creating the best herb grinders in its class. Staying true to our commitment, we confidently offer the unbeatable value of Lifetime Warranty promise to all of our customers. With so much herb grinder products on the market, we would like to remind our customers that the authentic Chromium Crusher brand and its Lifetime Warranty promise can only be purchased on the internet marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Here are the list of authorized sellers who carry the authentic Chromium Crusher products and their Lifetime Warranty.



Purchase from any other non-authorized sellers listed above at your own risk as we are unable to guarantee their honoring of neither the Lifetime Warranty offer nor the authenticity of the herb grinders themselves. To successfully claim the Lifetime Warranty on your Chromium Crusher, please purchase from one of the listed sellers above and contact your authorized seller directly through the messaging systems of eBay and Amazon by providing date of purchase and order transaction ID. Note that you will be required to send back all defective grinder and parts in order for you to receive any free warranty replacement.